Same Plane Keyboard Trays
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927 Radiused Corner

Keyboard Tray — Same Plane Keying & Mousing

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  • Thinline Keyboard Tray— Same Plane Keying and Mousing
  • Radiused 11.5”D x 27”W tray with non-skid keyboard pads
  • Thin profile, 1/4” phenolic laminate
  • Unsurpassed platform strength with maximum leg & knee clearance
  • Surface color-graphite, suede finish — Optical Mouse-Ready
  • Tray comfortably accommodates keyboard and mouse
  • Always ready for right or left handed mousing with full width palm rest
  • Cord clips included
  • Palm Rest Options:
  • Molded gel with black lycra fabric covering (shown)
  • Medium-density foam cushion with black leather look vinyl covering







Keyboard trays

Item Number Palm Rest
927G Gel
927L Leather Look
Recommended Articulating Arms

OptiRangeTM Articulating Arms

Item Number Articulating Arm Length/Track Style
R5XE22 Revolution 21 3/4" Glide
RMXE23 Revolution Max Sit/Stand 23" Glide
5NXE22 Profile 21 3/4" Glide
See complete OptiRangeTM arm specifications, alternate track lengths, and other specialty arms.

Revolution R5XE22
Intuitive Tilt

Revolution Max Sit/Stand
RMXE23 Intuitive Tilt

Profile 5NXE22
Manual Tilt

Applications for 927 Series Keyboard Trays with Recommended Articulating Arms


Designed for
Radiused Corner Worksurfaces

Condition: A minimum radius of 12” and unobstructed depth of 19” or greater. For sit/stand arm, depth 22” or greater.

  • Radius Calculation:
  • Dimension A minus Dimension B = Radius
  • OR
  • Dimension C minus Dimension D = Radius


Alternate Application —
Straight Worksurfaces:

Condition: Unobstructed depths of 22” or greater, for sit/stand arm, 23” or greater. For greater or lesser depths, see arm options.

Alternate Application —
Diagonal Corner Worksurfaces:

Condition: A minimum diagonal of 17” and unobstructed depth of 22” or greater, for sit/stand arm, 23” or greater. If diagonal is unknown, please call Customer Service with dimensions E - J for calculation.

Alternate Application —
Square Corner Condition Solution I:

Two worksurfaces meet at right angles. A minimum diagonal of 17” and unobstructed depth of 22” or greater must be created, for sit/stand arm, 23” or greater. Select a Corner Maker to create this solution with trays and arms from this page.